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In-House Construction Solutions For Your Communications Infrastructure Needs

We Deliver Successful Outcomes, Focus On Innovation, And Find Long-Term Solutions

With over 45 years of experience, having an in-house team that focuses exclusively on construction is one of the keys to ITW’s success and it differentiates us from competitors.

If you have seen it in New England then we likely built it. Our construction services include foundations, electrical contracting, tower erecting, antenna system installations, and site landscaping & maintenance. We’ve done it all from constructing and co-locating on lattice towers, monopoles, guyed towers, stealth sites, water tanks and rooftops.

Our customers benefit from the aligned interests of our construction development and site acquisition teams. Our Construction Team is involved from the very beginning of our cell tower build process, and with their expertise the two teams collaborate on tower site designs that bring reliable coverage to the communities we serve.

Our Construction Team includes project managers, general contractors, electrical contractors, tower technicians, and everything in between. The teams work safely, honestly, and passionately.

We leverage our internal resources to meet your needs!

Benefits to Having Our In-House Construction Team:

  • Internal communications between teams to avoid any disconnect
  • Enhanced security with no subcontractors
  • Ease of adherence to industry regulations
  • Superior quality control
  • Lower costs

Increase efficiencies and get your wireless network up and running faster, with ITW!

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