Are You a Property Owner with Space Available for the Installation of a Cell Tower?

The Rapid, Ongoing Expansion Of Wireless Service Has Increased The Need For Cell Towers To Provide Adequate Coverage

Cell tower leases are an amazing asset that landowners should consider. Connected devices are necessities for most people’s lives. Why not help bring lightning-fast connectivity to your area?

Key Factors in determining if your property is a good fit for cell tower construction:

  • Location and Size of Available Space/Land
  • Elevation
  • Distance to Nearby Towers
  • Dense Population, Busy
  • Traffic: Proximity to State Roads/Highways
  • Local Zoning Regulations

If you think you can accommodate a cell tower on your land, GET IN TOUCH.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Landowners

Why should I consider a cell tower on my property?

Having a cell tower on your property may provide you with a one-time payment for use of your land and helps improve wireless network coverage and enhance connectivity within your community and surrounding areas.

How much will I get paid to sell or lease my land for a cell tower?

Payments vary based on several factors such as location, elevation, environmental issues, zoning regulations and market demand. Each transaction is negotiated to create long-term value for property owners while providing a simple process. Our team of experts works with you to ensure you receive fair value for your land.

Will constructing a cell tower on my land be disruptive?

ITW handles all phases of tower construction and wireless installations in-house. From permitting to construction to equipment installation and ongoing maintenance, ITW is the single point-of-contact. All work is performed by our own tower construction crews and infrastructure technicians; we control the construction schedule and quality control for all matters, providing a seamless and efficient process.

Who is responsible for maintaining the cell tower?

We take great pride in our tower sites and treat all cell tower properties with the utmost respect and care. Site access is restricted to authorized ITW personnel. Our site crews and technicians regularly maintain equipment and grounds; all ITW sites are well-maintained, safe and secure, and in compliance with environmental and jurisdictional regulations at all times.

How can I find out if my land is suitable for a cell tower?

Contact us to schedule a complimentary site review and feasibility analysis with one of our site acquisition experts.

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